Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chipmunk Cheeks

I had my wisdom teeth out today. I won't post pictures...its not something that I want to remember ever. Everything went great except for the pain medication taking over an hour to kick in. Ow!
I'm pretty swollen, but just on one side. My swelling is supposed to peak tomorrow/Saturday. Oh my goodness I can only imagine how large my face will get. Keep your fingers crossed the bruising isn't too bad. They are definitely bruised already on the inside which makes the ten pounds of gauze in my mouth that much more uncomfortable. Its nice to be home for this all to happen. I can't even imagine how my old Chinese roommate JoJo would have responded to the situation.

My face is huge. I love it...

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I hate moving.
It's always depressing to see how much crap-o-la I've accumulated in two short years. I unearthed a lot of stuff that I love and would have used if I remembered it existed. But, on a happy note - I found my extra strength fabreeze. My blankets/pillows smell fresh and fish-free! (my roommates have this thing with cooking lots of fish in some sort of vinegar bath that kind of makes everything in my apartment, including me, smell like Galveston, pre-hurricane clean-up)

Meanwhile - Brian and I are both sick, though he got the worst of it. :( Poor guy. He's miserable and just kind of sits there glazed over. (Unless there's a playoff game in Salt Lake, then he of course goes to 'not waste $50' on the tickets he already has...nice excuse bud) He takes full advantage of the situation though. Sick people apparently can't stand up on their own. That never ends well for him. I'm not sure why you would ask someone who has to set the weight back up to the shame -lbs on every machine at the gym to support to support your whole body weight...

Monday is my last final. I have a lot of biology to study to be ready for that one! I'm really glad to be done with it though. My professor is kind of insane, and by kind of I mean mostly. I will miss his horrible clothes though. Everyday he walks into class wearing the same basic outfit - a pair of horribly fitting cargo pants, chewed up newbalances, and either a wolf or dragon t-shirt (no lie). Part of the reason I could get myself to go to that class was to see what t-shirt would emerge from the 5th grade 90s vault. The other part was 'thinks-he's-awesome-guy shamelessly hitting on music-video-laptop-girl who is clearly not interested. Maybe thats rude of me to enjoy, but I'm easily entertained and it was hilarious.

Today i found out that, not only do I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth, but they are all impacted. My tiny little mouth doesn't have any more room. At least they aren't growing in all sideways and alien. Thats good news :) So they have to come out a week from today. Luckily, I get general anesthetic instead of just laughing gas. I'm 99.9% sure that I'd be so paranoid about not laughing that I would actually start to laugh and never stop because even thinking about something funny makes me laugh my face off. I'm also pretty happy about not being able to hear anything or be aware of how awkwardly my face is stretched open. I'd rather just wake up and deal with it then. I am nervous about the whole waking up thing. The thought of being disoriented doesn't appeal to me. I don't even like facing a different direction when I sleep because I wake up confused. It'll be better than awkward one-sided conversation with my oral surgeon who I don't understand. I think he might have been trying to joke with me during my consultation, but every time I joked back be gave me this disapproving look like I was insulting his profession. Which I wasn't by the way. I take wisdom teeth very seriously...